Counting for Life

About Counting for Life

 As many of you know we are proud to be sponsoring Counting for Life which aims to develop the numeracy skills of children in Years 3 to 5. This program is specifically targeted at children who are experiencing difficulties in numeracy. Here is a bit of feedback from one of the young and budding participants Angelica.


Angelica’s progress

Angelica is eight-years old and in year three at Old Guildford Public School. Angelica has completed five 45 minute sessions in the Counting for Life Program so far. When Angelica was assessed her main struggles were processing speed and she often found herself second-guessing answers to questions which meant she was unconfident and would withdraw from some of the activities and games. The sessions have been focused on addition and subtraction with Angelica’s strengths in addition lying in written practice. She can complete all of the skills in written practice, however when it comes to completing activities without writing it down she seems to struggle.

Over the five weeks Angelica has really improved in her willingness to have a go and make mistakes, something that she previously did not do – often opting to not say anything at all despite appearing to be working it out in her head. She is answering questions a lot faster and getting through more of the material than was possible in the earlier sessions. Her enjoyment of the program is increasing at every session as she gains more confidence and her self concept has changed regarding her ability to solve maths problems. Angelica is really enjoying the worded problems and board games and is coming to each session excited!

Upcoming sessions will focus on finishing off addition and applying it practically as well as moving on to subtraction and combining the two areas to increase familiarity and confidence.

Georgia our volunteer says that “I am able to observe changes on a week-to-week basis – she is engaging more, is more self-confident and above all becoming better in her maths tasks.”


Build on Bookkeeping are also proud Sponsors of Counting For Life – heres a few words on why  

Whether it’s Lego pieces or company revenue, we know how important it is to understand numbers and be able to count accurately. It’s a life skill that can mean the difference between achieving an outcome, and not. We chose to support the Counting for Life program so that more children who are experiencing difficulties in numeracy will get the 1-on-1 intensive support and education that they really need.