If We Fail to Plan we Plan to Fail

This is a very common phrase and I’m sure you have heard it before. Regardless of your age, we all have an 82% chance of failing in the school of personal finance.

How Will I Support My Parents When Their Money Runs Out?

Baby boomers are the first generation in history to face a new ‘third age’ with an unprecedented expectation of a decade or two of relatively healthy life after their retirement. Here are some thinking points that may be of use.

Time for a Second Opinion?

Over the last four years Australia has seen significant growth of around 37% in the number of investment property loans compared to an increase of only 4% in the number of owner occupied loans. 78% of the growth in investment property loans has been attributed to the 35 to 64 age groups.

Should You Pay Cash for a Car?

We explore the real life experience of a couple who faced this dilemma early in their married life – and the advice they received. Did they make the right choice? We explore their options.