You Don’t Need to be Wealthy to Invest

If you think you have to be wealthy to invest in property you might be mistaken! In fact the skills and experience you’ve gained managing a budget on a lower income could make you a better property investor than some big spending high income earners.

Moving Checklist

Moving soon or know someone who is? Here’s a thorough checklist of all the essential things which one should do prior to moving house.

Why You Should Call Your Broker Before You List Your Property

Getting a clear idea of your financial situation and arranging finance ahead of time can save you unncessary headaches later on and let you focus your energies on house hunting.

Time for a Finance Review?

Not only is it a good time economically to take a look at your financial position, but there are a number of life factors that may make it worthwhile to review your finances.

Investment Property Checklist

As an exercise, why nont go through the following checklist to identify a potential investment property then contact us to find out how much you could borrow to buy it!