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Spend less than you earn – champagne taste on a beer budget? Pay down non-deductible debt first Any debt that doesn’t make you money or create your wealth should be paid down first. Start repaying your store and credit cards and personal loans then your home loan BEFORE your investment debt. For every $5,000 racked […]


5 unexpected costs that can turn your dream home into a house of horrors You’ve found the perfect home, had the housewarming party, and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new home. Not so fast. There are plenty of potential post-purchase expenses lurking just behind your new front door. However, with some […]

Leave it or List it?

Should you keep your first home as an investment property? First homes, like first loves, are important milestones in our lives representing more than just bricks and mortar. And like our first loves, most of us eventually move on from our first home. Needs change, families grow and we find ourselves looking for a new […]

How Does Your Bank Like Your Facebook Posts?

First our bank accounts, now our social media accounts?! It’s no secret that the banks are scrutinising our transaction accounts, but what about our social media accounts? We know that banks have easy access to data on our saving and spending habits. When we apply for any type of finance, our income and spending is […]

Don’t let the break up, break the bank…

Three months after her separation, Cathy was unable to get a mortgage from a major bank. It took a clever broker to work out why and turn her situation around. Cathy was 32 when she met Dan at a winetasting class. The two hit it off immediately and by the following year, family and friends […]

Is Instant Gratification Creeping Up On You?

Buy now, pay later is growing in popularity as an alternative payment method to credit cards and other interest free term deals. If you are one of the over 2 million users in Australia who do use this payment system, we recommend following these 4 tips to avoid fees, charges and credit creep. Our 4 […]

Is it the season for Openpay?

Christmas shopping is now easier than ever before. From pre-Christmas sales (39% of retailers plan to discount before Christmas this year) to online shopping and buy now, pay later (BNPL) options, it has never been easier to nab a bargain… AND pay for it later, INTEREST FREE! Those of you who have been following us […]

Top Finance Tips

1.Be actively involved with your finance and wealth creation. If you have joint accounts with another loved one • know your lender, super and investment portal logins • monitor your joint balance, credit card spend and savings • be part of the financial decision making 2. Prioritise and set yourself clear goals on what you […]

Building or Renovating? Financing can be tricky.

Building or renovating is a great way to achieve the house you desire. You have the freedom to add quality craftsmanship and the design features that you and your family will value. Creative projects like these are both exciting AND stressful. Many new home owners and upgraders are weighing up the benefits of purchasing a […]