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You thought babies were expensive? Predictions show the cost of private education could be as high as a family home… For most people, when starting to plan for a family, we usually consider the cost of babies and child care. Cast your mind forward to when that baby is at primary and secondary school. Do […]

Can you afford your lifestyle career?

Be financially prepared for success The changing nature of technology, consumer behaviour and corporate policies has influenced an increase in parttime and work-for-yourself opportunities. While the bright lights of flexibility, choice and creating your own success is very appealing, it is not without its risks – personally, professionally and financially. According to a report by […]

Are you really cyber safe?

7 steps to keep you and your business safe from cyber threats Both consumers and businesses, now more than ever, need to be aware and vigilant in managing their online security. Despite consumer awareness of cyber security, many don’t take the necessary steps to protect their personal information. In fact, a McAfee survey of 6,400 […]

Top ways to cut your expenses and increase your savings

Is the key to saving a home deposit as simple as giving up smashed avo toast for breakfast? Well not quite, but spending less does make a difference. On top of a budget, a savings plan and strategies such as a high-interest savings account, an effective way to save is to reduce or eliminate expenses. […]

Seven tips for securing a business loan

Securing a business loan in Australia isn’t necessarily difficult but knowing how to navigate your way can be the difference between success and failure. Banks and other financial institutions offer a wide range of business finance options, from commercial property loans, commercial vehicle leases, and commercial and equipment leases, to simpler options such as letters […]

First meeting with a broker

If you’re looking for a home loan but are inexperienced with finance brokers, attending your first appointment with a broker can be a nervous experience. Getting a home loan, after all, can be quite complex for a first-timer. There are lots of brokers around and there is a lot to learn. But there are many […]

Investing interstate….

Investing interstate When people think of buying an investment property, many only think locally. Investing in a property interstate could possibly be a smarter idea, potentially resulting in a better return on your investment. It may also be a potential way to snaffle a bargain. You could be buying into an area with greater potential […]

Our household energy rules

Heating and cooling Close doors to unused rooms Close curtains or window shades Use blankets, electric blankets, wheat bags or hot water bottles instead of heating the room Clean your air conditioner or cooler so it doesn’t take as much energy to run Turn off heating or cooling when you are not home and overnight […]

If you only knew the truth about your interest rate…

At a time of almost constant changes in the finance world – and an absolute overload of information online – it’s easy to see why some consumers are becoming ‘switched off’. A recent study about financial literacy found 36% of respondents didn’t realise if they reduced the length of their loan they would also have […]

10 Steps to successful property investment

Property has been considered a popular path to wealth creation for Australians for many years. It has the potential to generate capital growth (an increase in the value of your asset) as well as rental income. There are also tax advantages associated with negative gearing. However, when buying an investment property it is wise to […]